Minecraft Zoo Mod Download

The Mine craft zoo mode features all you cool and funny animals. This a very fun and popular mod to play. Animals spawn in different places and also do different things in this mine craft mod

Mine craft Zoo Animals Include the Following:

  • 1.Tiger – spawn in jungle.
  • 2.Bear – spawn in forest.
  • 3.Monkey – spawn in jungle.
  • 4.Penguin – Lay eggs like chickens!-spawn in most of icy/snowy biomes.
  • 5.Black Panther! – spawn in jungle.
  • 6.Panda – spawn in forest.
  • 7.Tapir – spawn in swamps.
  • 8.Red Pandas! Now spawning in forests.
  • 9.Pink River Dolphin! First sea creature in the mod!
  • 10. Fennel.
  • 11.Seal.
  • 12.Lizard.
  • 13.Lion.
  • Items:
  • 1.Tiger skin – Will be armor soon.
  • 2.Bear skin – Will be armor soon.
  • 3.Banana – Heals 3 in the hunger bar.
  • 4.Penguin egg – Heals 3 in hunger bar.
  • 5.Black Panther skin – Will be armor soon.

Minecraft Zoo Mod Video Review

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