How to Build a Catapult in Minecraft + Catapult Mod & Downloads

Playing with The Minecraft Catapult

Here is a video of a few guys playing minecraft, they are using the minecraft catapult witch is very fun to use. They test the catapult out and play around with it.

How to Build the Human Catapult in Minecraft

Here we have a kid who shows you how to build a human catapult in minecraft. I would say this demonstration is very easy and any one can do it. You will need TnT and water to do this, just letting you know.

Minecraft Catapult Mod Download


A quick mod I made that allows the creation of Catapults that can hurl boulders through the air and when they meet another block, they blow up. (installation instructions near end of post)


Download Catapult Mod Here (v1.1 Client and Server)

For More information on The Catapult Mod Click Here

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